What boots does Jamie Vardy wear?

What boots does Jamie Vardy wear?

What football boots does Jamie Vardy wear?

Jamie Vardy, Leicester City’s fox in the box currently wears the Adidas X Ghosted – White / Gold football boots. A latecomer to the Premier League, but well worth the wait. Explosive and dynamic Vardy is an absolute nightmare to defend against. Play a high line and he’ll have you on toast with a quick turn of pace. Drop deep and he’ll break through the lines with a drop of the shoulder and dart to the front post. The 33-year-old has pace to burn and his goal scoring record, which was unbelievable during Leicester’s shock title-winning campaign, shows no sign of slowing down. Like a fine wine, Jamie Vardy gets better with age.

About the Adidas X Ghosted

See speed. Feel speed. Gain speed. That’s the tag line for the Adidas X Ghosted, a boot designed for, yes you guessed it, speed. Lightweight, the boot features a streamlined design and Speedframe soleplate for top tier speed and acceleration. A raised forefoot enables instant acceleration from a standing position. Perfect for anyone looking to get the edge on their opponents.

Extra traction and support is provided with an all new stud pattern and a springy Carbitex carbon fibre insert. While sharp movements are made possible thanks to a low-cut collar.

Why does Jamie Vardy wear the Adidas X Ghosted?

Jamie Vardy often ghosts pasts his opponents with blistering pace and fast feet, making the Adidas X Ghosted the perfect fit for this former Premier League winner. From the stud configuration to the materials used, every aspect of this boot has been designed for increased speed and acceleration. And, despite being in his advancing years as a footballer, Vardy shows no signs of slowing down. So good luck to all Premier League defenders out there tasked with trying to stop Leicester’s bagsman in full flight. They’ll need it. 

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Other boots Jamie Vardy has worn:

– adidas X 19+