What boots does Jack Grealish wear?

What boots does Jack Grealish wear?

With slicked-back hair, bulging calves and ridiculously low socks Aston Villa’s talisman and club captain Jack Grealish has taken the Premier League by storm. The 25-year-old pretty much single handedly secured the Villan’s top-flight status with a number of stellar performances throughout the 2019/20 campaign. And this season he’s shown no signs of letting up.

A live wire on the ball, Grealish is an attacking midfielder with bags of pace, silky skills and a dreamy first touch. Drifting in from the left wing on his favoured right foot, the England international has proved a handful for some of the league’s best defenders and Grealish does it all whilst wearing the Nike Phantom GT.

About the Nike Phantom GT

The Nike Phantom GT is designed to give players an edge in the final third. Featuring a Generative Texture on the upper and a thicker than usual instep the boot is designed to enhance first touch and ball control. The grippy texture, paired with an off-centre lacing system, also provides a bigger, more effective, surface area for a cleaner strike of the ball. 

So whether you’re lining up a 40-yard diagonal pass or a strike from distance, the Nike Phantom GT will provide some added ping. Dribbling is made easier too. Its Flyknit construction gives better feel and additional support for agile, sharp movements.

Why does Jack Grealish wear the Nike Phantom GT? 

‘Run the game’ that’s the Nike Phantom GT’s tagline and it’s exactly what Jack Grealish does on a weekly basis. A proficient, pacy dribbler with end product, he needs a boot that enhances control, provides extra support on the turn, increases passing and shooting accuracy and of course, looks good – the Nike Phantom GT ticks all the boxes.

What other boots has Jack Grealish worn?

Grealish famously wore a pair of battered Nike Hypervenom Phantom III Elite boots during Aston Villa’s play-off final win over Derby County in 2019.

Other players that wear these boots?

Harry Kane

– Kevin De Bruyne

– John McGinn

– Lucy Bronze