What boots does Harry Maguire wear?

What boots does Harry Maguire wear?

What football boots does Harry Maguire wear? 

Manchester United captain and England regular Harry Maguire is a dominant centre back, known for his ability to play out from the back and for being an aerial threat in the opposing box. Comfortable on the ball Maguire has the potential to ping 40-yard diagonal passes across the field or keep things simple with sideways passes to his fellow defenders. Given time and space, the centre back needs no invitation to drive forward and join the attack. A Puma athlete, Harry Maguire currently wears the Puma Ultra 1.1.

About the Puma Ultra 1.1

Inspired by running spikes, the Puma Ultra 1.1 is designed with speed and acceleration in mind. Featuring a sophisticated, lightweight MATRYXEVO woven upper, which is specifically designed to react to movement, and Nano Grip Technology for added support the Ultra 1.1 enables footballers to reach their maximum speed and acceleration. A specially formulated GripControl Pro coating enhances touch and control. Essential for all elite ballers.

Why does Harry Maguire wear Puma Ultra 1.1?

Football is a game of fine margins, and the Puma Ultra 1.1 enables players, like Harry Maguire, to reach their full potential. As a centre back Maguire is often tasked with going stride for stride with some of the quickest footballers in the world. Although not the fastest, Maguire’s no slouch and the Puma Ultra 1.1 provides adequate support when on the turn or at full flight. Add to that the sophisticated GripControl Pro coating that enhances control and it’s a match made in heaven for United’s ball-playing centre back.

Other players that wear this boot?

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