Best Players in PES 2021

Best Players in PES 2021

Looking for the best players in PES 2021?

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With Pro Evolution Soccer 2021’s now released, gamers across the globe are discussing (and debating) the latest player ratings. Find out who the 10 best players are in PES 2021 – season update below:

10. Sadio Mane 

Age: 28

Country: Senegal

Club: Liverpool

Rating: 90

Sadio Mane has always been a quality winger since his days at Southampton. With plenty of pace, power, and trickery, the Senegalese forward is almost unstoppable when he’s in form.

In recent times he’s added more goals and assist to his game and become one of the best players in the world. Last season, Mane scored 18 league goals and assisted 7 times.

His in-game attributes include 85 finishing, 87 offensive awareness, 89 dribbling, 89 tight possession, 94 speed and 95 acceleration. 

9. Sergio Agüero 

Age: 32

Country: Argentina

Club: Manchester City

Rating: 90

While Sergio Aguero’s 16 league goals last season is a respectable number that most strikers would be proud of, it’s the Argentine’s lowest tally since the 2012/2013 season. His lower numbers are by no means a reflection of a dip in form though, the Manchester City legend has struggled with injuries over the past few seasons.

Whenever he’s fit, Aguero is an incredible striker who scores goals for fun. And he’s just as good in PES 2021. His in-game stats include 93 finishing, 93 attacking awareness, 86 dribbling, 87 ball control and 85 acceleration.

8. Jan Oblak

Age: 26

Country: Slovenia

Club: Athletico Madrid

Rating: 91

Being the only goalkeeper on this list speaks volumes of Oblak’s quality. His quick reflexes, shot-stopping ability, and distribution make him a challenge to score against. It’s, therefore, no surprise Atletico Madrid has one of the best defences in world football.

His impressive attributes in PES 2021 include 86 jump, 97 goalkeeper awareness, 96 catching, 92 goalkeeper clearing and 96 goalkeeper reflexes. 

7. Virgil van Dijk

Age: 29

Country: Netherlands

Club: Liverpool

Rating: 91

Virgil van Dijk has steadily climbed from humble beginnings at Celtic to become one of the best defenders to ever play the game.

Tall, strong, and commanding, Van Dijk’s most significant attribute is his ability to read the game. The Dutch defender makes fewer tackles than most defenders but is still effective because of his ability to anticipate danger and cut it out with blocks and interceptions. Van Dijk is also a good passer and often creates assists with his long passing.

Virgil van Dijk’s in-game stats in PES 2021 include 92 heading, 95 defensive awareness, 92 ball-winning and 94 physical contact. 

6. Kylian Mbappé

Age: 22

Country: France

Club: PSG

Rating: 91

Last season, Mbappe scored 18 goals and made 5 assists in the league. As impressive as that sounds, it’s nowhere near his 33 goals and 7 assists from the season before.

However, Mbappe’s lower numbers are mostly as a result of an injury that kept him out for a significant period of last season. Still just 22, Mbappe could well become the best player in the world in a few seasons.

His in-game attributes include 88 offensive awareness, 87 finishing, 94 dribbling, 91 balance and 96 speed. 

5. Kevin De Bruyne

Age: 29

Country: Belgium

Club: Manchester City

Rating: 92

Manchester City fans will be delighted to know that De Bruyne has been upgraded from 90 to 92 overall rating in PES 2021. The Belgian has been arguably the best midfielder in the world for a while now, and it’s only fair that his ratings reflect his true abilities.

An excellent passer, crosser, and a good finisher, De Bruyne produced an incredible 13 goals and 20 assists which saw him named the English Premier League’s MVP last season.

In the game, De Bruyne has 86 offensive awareness, 88 kicking power, 92 ball control, 88 dribbling and 96 lofted pass.

4. Neymar

Age: 28

Country: Brazil

Club: PSG

Rating: 92

Not much has changed with Neymar over the past few seasons. He’s just as good as he was before he left Barcelona, however, hopes of him overtaking either Ronaldo or Messi as the best player in the world are fading fast.

The skilful Brazilian led PSG to the Champions League final last season, narrowly losing to Bayern Munich.

With Neymar, you know exactly what you’re going to get; a prolific scorer who is fast and can dribble past players without breaking a sweat.

His stats on PES 2021 perfectly reflects his abilities in real life. He has 87 finishing, 96 dribbling, 95 tight possession, 90 place kicking and 86 speed.

3. Robert Lewandoski

Age: 32

Country: Poland

Club: Bayern Munich

Rating: 92

Robert Lewandoski is an extraordinary player. But last season was unbelievable even for a player of his qualities. The Polish frontman scored 34 league goals in 31 games as Bayern Munich clinched another league title.

He also helped them to a Champions League trophy, scoring 15 goals to emerge the competition’s top scorer.

In PES 2021, Lewandoski is rated 92 and the third-best player in the game. His stats include 92 finishing, 94 offensive awareness, 91 ball control and 88 heading. 

2. Cristiano Ronaldo

Age: 35

Country: Portugal

Club: Juventus

Rating: 93

For a player who has been world-class since the age of 23, Cristiano Ronaldo has somehow managed to maintain that level for over a decade. From Real Madrid to Juventus, Ronaldo has consistently produced top-class performances every weekend.

But he doesn’t just perform in club football alone, Ronaldo’s 102 goals for Portugal is only 7 goals shy of Ali Daei’s record of 109 international goals. Still so fit and motivated, there’s no telling how many more records he could break in the next few years.

His best attributes in the game are 91 finishing, 91 offensive awareness, 90 ball control, 96 jump and 85 speed. 

1. Lionel Messi

Age: 33

Country: Argentina 

Club: Barcelona

Rating: 94

Lionel Messi is the best player in PES 2021, and it’s hardly surprising. The Argentine has ruled world football alongside Cristiano Ronaldo for more than a decade, and he doesn’t look like taking his foot off the pedal anytime soon.

His 25 goals and 21 assist last season is another testament to the Argentine’s prowess. It was proof that Messi is more than just a goalscorer.

He retains his 94 overall rating in the game with outrageous stats like 95 finishing, 95 offensive awareness, 96 ball control, 97 dribbling and 94 place kicking. 

From Mane to Lionel Messi, the players above are the 10 best footballers in PES 2021 – season update. If you’re looking to build a formidable team in Master Leage, having one or two of these players in your side will certainly help your cause.